Our Mission & Values



Our mission is to make BRC accessible without regard to individual ability, background or experience.

We thrive to fostering a community that is ambitious, welcoming and supportive. 

Our values are inclusive and inline with the World Rowing Federation, FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron).



Teamwork:  Rowers work together towards a common goal.

Fairness:  In a spirit of fair play, rowers learn self-discipline, the need for commitment and  respect for their opponents.

Enduring:  Rowers pass on time-honoured values and shared experiences from past to future  generations.

Inclusive:  Rowers combine into a single and cooperative community, irrespective of race,  gender, creed, age or ability.

Natural:  Rowers respect and safeguard the water and its surroundings.

 Through its personality, rowing instils:  

Balance:  Mind and body, boat and water, all working in perfect harmony.

Focus:  Concentration on long-terms goals; even the finish line is just the start.

Determination:  To be stronger, faster and better today than yesterday.

Dedication:  From early starts and hard work, to achieving the perfect stroke.